The works themselves emanate from an unsettlement for the environmental issues that arise from human contribution to the climate crisis we are currently facing. It bothers me that the choices we make as a collective, often accompanies a disregard of our responsibility to the longevity of our planet and the life on it. The work I make is born from that affliction.

When a landscape begins to appear in a piece, it is a deliberate choice to not include a suggestion of mankind in an attempt to show how a world might flourish without us and to revel in the potential of what would be left untouched. I aim to celebrate and romanticise this idea through the use of scale, light, colour and form, which are all central to my practise. Colour in particular, is critical in emphasising the spaces within a painting. In terms of application, I have a tendency to rely on painterly instinct and yet the colour selection process has a necessity to be quixotic.